Workaround (EN)

I have found a workourand. I don’t have to be or feel unemployed. I can call myself writer and blogger because you are what you do, aren’t you? „Deeds rather than words“ or „Actions speak louder than words“, isn’t that a proverb?  You can promise anyone a sky full of stars but only with at least one shining the promise will be fulfilled. Everybody can call themselves writer, it’s not something one learns in school although they did try to teach us. Still there are people who like to do it and others that don’t. I wouldn’t call it talent either. I think it’s more about passion, courage and perserverance.

  • Passion  – to share your thoughts and stories.
  • Courage – to open up and share a part of yourself without knowing how people will react to your words or what they will think about it.
  • Perseverance – to write and rewrite often if not daily.

Of course you can practice day in and day out to ameliorate and acquire some knowledge about how to tell an interesting story. But in the end what really matters is that you do write.

“You fail only if you stop writing.”

Ray Bradbury, American Novelist, Writer and Poet.

I did stop for a while, work kept me busy and exhausted, but now, I am picking it up again and I am happy about that. Writing was and will be always a part of me.

But apart from writing itself one needs a second thing to be a writer: an audience. People who are willing and interested in reading what I’ve written. I am trying to be entertaining, encouraging and informative and I am happy if the audience thinks that I have achieved those goals with one or the other passage I worte. Because it is not my job to judge my own work, it’s yours dear reader. I’m glad if you either leave a comment or drop me a line in an e-mail if something you’ve read upsets, animates or touches you. I am open to critizism be it positive or negative. I will not get better without your feedback.

2 Gedanken zu “Workaround (EN)

  1. apart from writing, which is already fricking difficult, you are right, one must see him/herself as a writer. Maybe that is the reason why writing is so difficult in the first place, without believing in yourself and in your role (writer) there is no real writing to be done, cause it seems to you noting more than stupid little thoughts and stories nobody is truly interested in. Damn you self-confidence.
    By the way, I like your writing……..

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