Argentinian Asado (EN)

This friday night was magic! Thanks to a girl in school we were invited to a real argentinien „asado“ for a special promotionend price. The sun was scorching the day, overheating the streets of Buenos Aires and our bodies as well. After a sweaty and crowded ride with the „Subte“ (Underground train in Buenos Aires) we welcomed every little breeze of wind while, one of our hosts, guided us to a nice little house with a lush and green garden. Our anticipation grew, when we got a warm welcome from the landlady and all other eager helpers with a kiss on the cheek as it is custom in Buenos Aires.

The fire for the grill was lit and we cooled ourselves down with a nice organic white while chatting and nibbling on the first entrees consisting of smoked cheese and a delicious sausages.Later some bits and pieces of pork and choripan (yummi!!) were served from the grill accompanied by a light red assembly of carbenet and other grapes which I don’t remember as an artist appeared. She let us in on some of her one songs, trying to teach us Spanish.

Everyone was very happy to talk to us and help us practice. The whole idea of asadohow is interchange of cultures, food, music and good vibes. Everyone was doing an excellent job.

Right after the live music it started to rain, but as I mentioned, we all were hoping for the weather to cool down, that’s why we didn’t mind at all. The main course was served – beef and more beef, blood sausage, corn, salad, bellpepper with an egg inside – everything was delicious but we couldn’t finish it all, because we were already getting full from the entrees. It was a heaven for meat-eaters and the malbec the served with the food made everything even better.

Happy and with a full belly we danced Cumbia (Gilda – no me arrepiento de esto amor & fuiste) with everyone and had a lot of fun!

If you go to Buenos Aires, want to try an asado, eat good food, listen to magical music and want to have a good time – then I can definetly recomend asking those guys.

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  1. Hey Susanna. Schön von dir zu lesen und von deinen Begegnungen in BA! Für mich auch immer noch DIE Stadt. Ein Teil der Familie von meiner Frau wohnt in der Stadt….just in case falls du was benötigst im Barrio Colegiales. Hast pronto!


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