Cafayate – from Grapes to Wine (EN)

I passed the Wine Glass to Chelsea with my grapecovered sticky hands, we exchanged looks, laughed and kept on picking the leaves and raisins out of the blue grapes. We only met some hours ago on the Bus from Tucuman to Cafayate, but as it is while traveling, sometimes you klick instantly and know, that you will get along well. She knew some people in Cafayate who were helping another friend with winemaking. Thats why we could join the fun in the evening and were rewarded with really good wine, an asado and good company.

After a couple of glasses of wine, we were in a good mood and decided to spend the night outside on the grassy floor of the patio of our hostel. We passed in to sleep singing James Bay together and watching shooting stars. The next day we spent with Tracy and Stan again, driving to the ruins of Quilmes, watching Lamas, lounging at the pool, going to the canyons to watch the sunset.

On our way back from the canyons, we picked up a local lady who was waiting on the bus on the side of the road in the dark. Mirta offered us homemade bread and we on the other hand offerd her wine. She is an artist and works every day selling art and homemade bread next to the obelisc, in the canyon. She was so sweet that I would have like to visit her the next day, but it would have been a pain in the ass without a car.

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