Reunion in Sydney (EN)

Ok, I get it – I am not indestructible. If that is why the scooter accident in Lombok happened, I think I learned the lesson now. It’s not that I am worried more now of something happening, but I know what could happen and I try to avoid it. Even though it felt great to be back in Sydney again after 15 years of longing to come back to Australia and especially this city, it was a pain in the ass to go to the medical center every second day and have my leg, stiches & scars checked out. I would rather not do it again.

I stayed in 2 different places in Sydney – first in the Eastern Suburbs which suited me well and would be my choice if I will stay in Sydney again. The second place was a Hostel close to Newtown / Stanmore. Even though Newtown offered a variety of fairly good priced food choices I didn’t like the feel of it and I did not like the hostel at all! They put me in a room with 3 guys who were very smelly and disorganised. The room was a mess and one guy kept loosing his key, so he got into the habit of entering through the window (or ask someone for a key, forgetting to give it back in his marijuana frenzy and having me open the door for his friend asking for the key back). Oh my, I think I am getting to old for this shit! The people staying in Hostels in Australia are also much younger than the ones I encountered in South America. I am going to stick to Airbnbs from now on.

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I still love Sydney though, the people were great, open and friendly and the city lies at a beautiful spot on the oceanside, public transport is fairly easy once you have an Australien Sim Card and can look up where buses and trains are going. There is plenty to see and do – even though it is not cheap.

Most of the time the weather was wonderful and I enjoyed my walks along the coast or in the parks. I went to visit Manly again, which has changed and not changed at the same time. I went to the movies, hung around shopping malls as I used to do 15 years ago, and I did do a fair amount of writing.

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I stayed in Sydney for about 2 weeks because there was a special event coming up! Martin and Anne whom Christine and I met on the Beagle in Galapagos were passing through Sydney too on their trip around the world! We spent a whole day together exploring Sydney together. As promised Martin also carried me around because of my leg (it was perfectly fine, but nevertheless it was fun). Anne and I were goofying around in the parks and both of them got me hooked up on Pokemon Go (yes, I know, it’s a couple of years out my agerange, but who cares). A big thank you for making that day very special to you two! Hope to meet you again somewhere maybe closer to home – where ever that will be 😉

Go and check out their blog here (very funny German texts):

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